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WordPress is the most popular Open-Source CMS- Content Management System that is widely appreciated and adorned globally. WordPress is used for managing blogs as well as websites. Being powered with MySQL and PHP for its simple but dynamic features WordPress is considered as user-friendly Open-Source System

WordPress is rich with plugin architectures and is featured with incredible CMS functionality for which the codes written on PHP and HTML can be modified for customization

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Why Is WordPress Appreciated?

Features of WordPress That Makes It Popular

  • Responsive design

    WordPress offers insightful features that make the process of installation and publishing simpler

  • Color schemes

    WordPress integrates SEO functionality features that make it superior over other CMS

  • PSD Is Included

    Using WordPress, sharing contents and developing websites is easy

  • PSD Is Included

    Websites developed on WordPress do have easy-to-navigate features that can be easily operated by any users

  • Pure & Simple

    WordPress evolves with the developing technology which is compatible with the changing market and trends

  • Documentation

    WordPress is featured with thousands of graphic templates for which website development process is impressive

  • Multiplatform

    WordPress is search-engine friendly for which the websites developed on WordPress get good rankings on the search-engine page

  • Multiplatform

    Websites developed on WordPress can easily be customized as per the specific requirements of the clients or the businesses

features of wordpress

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