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Software development is a process that imposes computer programming, documenting, testing as well as bug fixing. In simple words, software development is a technical process of writing and maintaining source code.

The process of software development is a planned and structured process that involves research, prototyping, new development, modification, re-engineering and reuse with maintenance and few other activities that result in software products. Software development is often regarded as lifecycle process.

What is Software Development Life Cycle?

Software Development Life Cycle abbreviated as SDLC is a structured sequence of series of stages which is well-defined for developing a software product. This series of steps integrated within SDLC are followed for designing and developing the software product in an efficient way. The framework of SDLC includes:

  • Communication

    This is the initial step of SDLC in which the request for desired software is provided to the service providing organization by the client

  • Gathering requirements

    Undergoing a discussion, specific requirements are gathered by the service provider

  • Feasibility study

    A rough plan is created from the gathered requirements and objectives and the team analyzes whether software could be created as per the requirements or not

  • System analysis

    The developers strive hard to bring the best software model as would be suitable for the project. This step includes knowing the limitations of the software product, system related problems, identifying the impact of the developed software

  • Software design

    The collected information, developed knowledge and reports of analysis are put together for designing the software that would suitably fit with the client's requirements. Outputs of software design step are in the form of logical design and physical design

  • Coding

    This is the programming phase and initiation of software design is with writing the programming code with a suitable programming language

  • Testing

    Once the software is developed, for identifying any errors testing of the software is inevitable before integration. Testing is conducted by the testing experts in various levels and thus the errors are discovered and are resolved

  • Integration

    Integration of software with the database, libraries, and other such programs may be required

  • Implementation

    The developed software is installed on user's machine after portability and adaptability of the software are tested. Any of the issues related to integration is resolved during the implementation of the software

  • Operations and maintenance

    The software operation is confirmed in terms of efficiency ensuring fewer errors. The users are trained about the process of operating the software. On the developer's end, the software is maintained by updating the code within perfect timing as per the advancements of technology

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Platforms That SUNRISE INFOSOFT Programmer Are Expertise With

Java is a programming language that is widely used for developing software. It provides a system for developing application software and the developed software is easily deployed on the cross-platform computing environment. Java is widely used for varied computing platforms

SUNRISE INFOSOFT programmers are updated with every version of Java till the latest version of Java 8. SUNRISE INFOSOFT has been delivering excellent customer-centric services with scalable and business oriented Java development services. Our programmers develop Java based solutions with productive, scalable and robust features

.NET is a framework on which software is developed. With enhanced interactive capability this framework is preferred by software developers. .NET includes a set of standard class libraries which gives a scope to the developers for developing software. The most vital reason of preferring.NET is, many pages can be written on.NET

SUNRISE INFOSOFT offers magnificent solutions for designing, developing and integrating applications and solutions that are based on .NET platform. Our team offers comprehensive solutions utilizing the maximum features and benefits of .NET framework

PHP is an open-source web development platform and a part of LAMP. Being a server-side scripting language it is widely used for software development as well as a programming language. As it can be embedded in HTML, it is regarded suitable for web development.

SUNRISE INFOSOFT is certified for offering PHP software development services. We do have the efficient team of experts having remarkable experience in PHP development. We dedicatedly combine creativity and imagination for rendering 100% user-friendly and interactive software that results in scoring high productivity of the clients that leads to customer satisfaction