Apps Developed At SUNRISE INFOSOFT Have Interactive Features

SUNRISE INFOSOFT is a PhoneGap App Development company that develops mobile apps by using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The developed apps are packed like the native applications. The apps are developed with interactive features that suitably fit with the mobile device hardware just like other mobile apps

We are expertise in converting the web applications to mobile applications using PhoneGap framework along with the common HTML coding language

Why PhoneGap Framework Is Beneficial For Businesses?

  • The app developers can leverage the capabilities of the mobile apps to run on multiple platforms with a single source code
  • The apps developed on PhoneGap support different mobile app versions for the mobile platforms
  • PhoneGap is a free and open source framework having MIT license
  • Developing mobile apps with robust features is easier and faster on PhoneGap
  • PhoneGap supports vibration, accelerometer, Geo Location, contacts, photos along with offline storage
  • Developing mobile apps for cross platforms on PhoneGap framework is cost-effective as the code is generated once and the design of the app is even done once that saves money expenses on developing apps for different platforms
  • PhoneGap framework makes the apps available in a wider range that solves the issue of business requirements as the enterprises can target large numbers of users with a single developed app

The Ultimate Destination for Excellent PhoneGap App Development Services

Small and medium sized businesses have keenly appreciated the cross platform mobile application development objective. Among the many cross platform app development tools, PhoneGap is widely admired by the web developers. This is being widely used by the developers for creating mobile apps for multiple platforms

On this PhoneGap framework the developers create coding for a single time as well as design the app for once. The developed app can be launched on different mobile platforms like Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows, etc


Why to Hire SUNRISE INFOSOFT for Developing Apps?

  • The app developers at SUNRISE INFOSOFT are highly proficient with PhoneGap app development skills
  • At SUNRISE INFOSOFT, there are numbers of qualified, experienced and creative app developers who strive to maintain high quality for developing the apps
  • Our developers understand the specific needs of the clients as requirements of clients vary from each other and likewise develop the strategy
  • We ensure to develop unique apps with high creativity and easy-to-navigate feature
  • We develop the mobile apps on PhoneGap being consistent on cost-effective feature
  • We develop customizable mobile apps on PhoneGap so that the apps could further be refurbished
  • We develop custom apps with robust features